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Why hello there.

It's been a little while since my last update, considering I can't be arsed with much recently, and nobody really follows me anyway.

But I have some news.

Due to the fact I'll be heading back to dreaded education in a mere week I will be making another animation for my course, which I have decided will be a sort of sequel to "The Boy who wanted to be a Ghost".
No further news on that as it's about 6 months away, however if I pull it off it should be much more awesome than the first.

Second note, I'm working on a little animation just now in celebration of something that is being released in the not too distant future.
This should hopefully be completed in a bout a week or two, and hopefully will be a laugh.
I don't want to say what it is yet though, because more talented people might copy me and released it first. ;D
Screenshot of it though. Very bad screenshot, but it is the first frame after all.

Other than that I've been ill with the dreaded man-bear-pig flu, although I'm much better now.

Cheers for reading.

Man-Bear-Pig Flu and 2 New Animations

To Be A Ghost

2009-06-21 08:58:30 by ViNCeNT-aSMoDeuS

Well, I know it's a bit late to post this as it's actually been a little while since I submitted the animation, but...

I GOT DAILY 5TH WITH "The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Ghost"!!!

First ever award.
It was awesome.
Quite frankly it'll probably be my last award until my graded unit in Animation next year, since I really don't have the patience to create anything good without having a formal deadline.

But still.

And it all happened when I was sleeping.

What I'm REALLY annoyed about is the fact that I could have been daily 4th if the day lasted just twenty minutes longer. My animation ended up with a higher score than the one that actually did get daily 4th.

But actually, I'm not really annoyed.
Because I got an award.
And that's awesome.

And I'm rambling.

Someone look at my art.


To Be A Ghost


So, yeah, I'm making a new flash for the Halloween competition.
It'll be funky, in a not-so-funky way.
Only past the intro though...
Unlike those other worthless flashes I said I'd complete but didn't.


I liek chocolate milk. Also, Halloween Flash.


Okay. That's it.
Nothing to see here.

Take care now, bye bye then.

Best. News. EVAR!
However, it makes me wonder how my last one, PWN'D, has a higher score, but didn't get the same Rating...


Ah well. Have a look see.

And for those who know/like me/my flashes....

Just wait for the next one.

-Le Vince