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Man-Bear-Pig Flu and 2 New Animations

2009-08-16 11:18:27 by ViNCeNT-aSMoDeuS

Why hello there.

It's been a little while since my last update, considering I can't be arsed with much recently, and nobody really follows me anyway.

But I have some news.

Due to the fact I'll be heading back to dreaded education in a mere week I will be making another animation for my course, which I have decided will be a sort of sequel to "The Boy who wanted to be a Ghost".
No further news on that as it's about 6 months away, however if I pull it off it should be much more awesome than the first.

Second note, I'm working on a little animation just now in celebration of something that is being released in the not too distant future.
This should hopefully be completed in a bout a week or two, and hopefully will be a laugh.
I don't want to say what it is yet though, because more talented people might copy me and released it first. ;D
Screenshot of it though. Very bad screenshot, but it is the first frame after all.

Other than that I've been ill with the dreaded man-bear-pig flu, although I'm much better now.

Cheers for reading.

Man-Bear-Pig Flu and 2 New Animations


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2009-08-16 11:20:57

OMG man-bear-pig is super serial about killing!


2009-08-16 12:32:50

Man-Bear-PigFlu? Yeah sure, >_>. That's impossible since al gore killed the bastard.

ViNCeNT-aSMoDeuS responds:

Just because something is dead, doesn't mean it can't spread disease! D;


2009-08-16 13:07:29

I'm pretty sure it's a Pig-man-bear

ViNCeNT-aSMoDeuS responds:

No. NO!
If you look closely, you'll see.